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Copper for Kids


Copper Properties
Atomic Structure
How Copper is Made
Copper in Your Life
Uses and Applications of Copper
Interesting Facts
Copper in Your Life

Did you know that copper is an essential factor in your health? 

  • Reccomended intake of supplemental copper is 1-3 mg a day, although recent studies suggest 4-7 mg a day
  • May help prevent major degenerative diseases
  • Copper deficency may cause numerous problems including: cellular oxidation, increased cancer, aortic aneurysms, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, brain defects in newborns, obesity, inceased sensitivity to pain, depression, impaired brain function, general fatigue and several more

  • essential in the human diet
  • helps iron-rich foods make red hemoglobin
  • essential of all higher plants and animals
  • involved in formation of collagen
  • copper deficiency is leading factor of developing high cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease
  • present in wide varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains, dried beans, nuts, meats, seafood, chocolate, and water
  • excessive ingestion of copper can cause nausea and other adverse effects
  • toxic intake risk levels rarely exist.